Reasoning Test for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2020 Set – 9

December 14, 2019

Reasoning Test for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2020

Direction(1-4): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

In a certain code language,
“work for earning money” is coded as “ Go3 None5 Xor4 Farnin7”, “ like six years passed” is coded as “Ti3 Qasse6 Zear5 Mik4”, “hence good amount received” is coded as “Seceive8 Lenc5 Hoo4 Bmoun6”

1) What is the code for “last earning was money”
A) Xa3 Mas4 Noney5 Farnin7
B) None5 Xa3 Mas4 Darnin7
C) None5 Mas4 Farnin7 Xa3
D) Mas4 Lone5 Farmin7 Xa3
E) Other than those given as options

2) If “money makes man perfect” is coded as “Nake5 Qerfec7 Na3 None5”, then what is code for “good People always perfect”?
A)Qeop16 Hoo4 Blway6 Qerfec7
B) Hoo4 Qerfec7 Blway6 Qeopl6
C) Qeople6 Hoo4 Qerfec7 Blway6
D) Querfec7 Blway6 Qeop15 Hoo5
E) other than those given as options

3) What is the code for “hence always wrong hance”?
A) Blway6 Lance5 Xron5 Lenc5
B) Lanc5 Xron 5 Blway5 Lenc5
C) Lanc5 Xron5 Blway5 Lenc5
D) Blway6 Lenc5 Lanc5 Xron5
E) lance6 Xron6 Blway5 Lenc5

4) “Farming” is coded as”
A) Earmin7
B) Gramin8
C) Garing8
D) Earnin7
E) Garmin7

Directions (5-10) Read the given information carefully and answer the given questions.

There are five units i.e 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each unit has a different height. Also, each unit contains
Books and boxes. Unit 2 is above unit 1and unit 3 is above Unit 2 and so on. Every unit belongs to different country i.e Beijing, Paris, London, Sydney, and Zurich. The total height of all five units is equal to 252 ft.
The total height of unit is equal to the total height of books plus total height of boxes in each unit. The height of books is not equal to the height of boxes unless specified.
The books belong to London is an even unit. The total height of Unit 1 is 75 ft. Sydney is not a Unit 1. The total height of unit, which belongs to Sydney, is 55 ft. There is only one gap between London and Paris. The height of books and the height of boxes in Unit 3 are equal. The height of books in Unit
2 is not less than 30 ft. The book in Unit 4 is four more than books, which is in Unit 3. The total height of London is not 37 ft. The total height of unit, which contains 37 ft is not taking the place which is immediately above a unit, which contains 20 ft more than the unit, which belongs to Sydney. The height of boxes in Unit 2 is 23 ft. Unit belongs to Zurich does not contain the equal height of books and boxes. The total height of Unit is an odd number and height is more than 50 ft and less than 55 ft. Unit 1 contains 23 ft height of boxes more than Unit 4 Contains height of boxes and Unit 5 contains 7 ft height of books less than Unit 1 contains.

5) What is the total height in Unit 3?
A) 37 ft
B) 32 ft
C) 53 ft
D) 75 ft
E) 80 ft

6) Unit 3 belongs to which country?
A) Paris
B) Zurich
C) Sydney
D) Beijing
E) London

7) If “Sydney” is related to 37 ft in the same way as Beijing is related to 53 ft. which of the following
Is ‘Paris” related to, following the same pattern?
A) 53 ft
B) 37 ft
C) 75 ft
D) 32 ft
E) 30 ft

8) Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of the
Following does not belong to that group?
A) Sydney
B) 32 ft
C) 75 ft
D) Paris
E) 37 ft

9) What is the height of box in Unit 4?
A) 23 ft
B) 17 ft
C) 27 ft
D) 40 ft
E) 20 ft

10) Which unit contains 30 ft book?
A) Unit 2
B) Unit 3
C) Unit 1
D) Unit 5
E) Unit 4


Reasoning Test for IBPS PO Prelims Exam 2020 Set – 9.


2. B)
4. E)
Number –Number of letter & placed in the last position
The first letter is coded as the next letter & capital letter (for-Eo3)
Letter-Deleted first & last letter

5. B)
6. D)
7. D)
8. B)
9. B)
10. A)

Unit –height-book-box-city
5-55 ft -28-27-Sunday

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