Archery World Cup: Indian women’s recurve team wins gold, bronze goes to mixed pair
May 2, 2021

In the Archery World Cup, the Indian women’s recurve team which included Ankita Bhakat, Deepika Kumari, and Komalika Bhari won a gold medal in Guatemala on April 26, 2021.

Deepika, former world number one, shot a perfect 10 in the final row as India saw a stunning turnaround to defeat a fancied Mexico and grabbed a gold medal in the stage 1 of Archery World Cup.

The mixed pair duo of Ankita and Atanu Das also bagged a mixed pair of bronze. The Indian team has trailed 2-4 after the third set. The team returned to the World Cup after almost two years and is yet to clinch an Olympic games team quota.

However, the trio of Ankita Bhakat, Deepika, and Komalika Bhari presented the perfect composure to bounce back in the fourth set before clinching the issue 5-4 in the shoot-off en route to their first women’s recurve team gold since the year 2014.

India’s fifth recurve women’s team gold:

In the shoot-off, Ankita Bhakat started off with a nine, while Komalika Bhari had drifted away with an eight. In the final arrow, it was down to Deepika against her more fancied rival Aida Roman, silver medallist of 2012 London Olympics.

The Indian star held her nerves and drilled a perfect 10 as the rival Aida cracked under pressure and was only able to shot eight.

This was India’s fifth gold of women’s recurve team in World Cup. India had previously won in Shanghai-2011, Medellin-2013, Wroclaw-2013, and 2014 with Indian player Deepika winning her fifth gold.

As India is yet to win a team quota for the Olympics, the current win will definitely bolster their confidence ahead of the final qualification event on the sidelines of World Cup Stage 3 in Paris, France in June 2021.

Bronze for mixed pair:

India, in the mixed pair bronze play-off, trailed 0-2 after the first set. But Atanu Das and Ankita complemented each other well in the second and third set to secure the issue.

In the second set of the game, Ankita successfully shot two of the three 10s, while Atanu Das stepped up the game in the third set with two 10s to down the USA.