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State wise List of famous National parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

India is a land with diversity of culture and traditions. From various flora and fauna to exotic wildlife, India emerged as a land with a largest natural habitat lover.

The beautiful National Parks a More..

New seahorse species:Hippocampus nalu | UPSC Prelims 2020
New seahorse species:Hippocampus nalu


Finding a species like Hippocampus nalu also shows how little we know about Africa’s marine biodiversity, and how much more is le More..

Sal forest tortoise | UPSC Prelims 2020
Sal forest tortoise habitat stretches over unprotected areas


Protected areas are designated in a largely mammal-centric way, many equally threatened reptiles and amphi More..

Himalayan Ibex | UPSC Prelims 2020
Himalayan Ibex a distinct species


They are divergent from Siberian Ibex, reveals a genetic study


Brundtland Report & Capacity-Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) Fund
Brundtland Report
Formally called:  Our Common Future: Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development
< More..

Agenda 21 & Basel Convention
Agenda 21
1. Non-binding
2. Voluntary

  • It is an action plan of United Nations
  • Related with sustainable development
  • It More..

Treaties and Agreements
Treaties and Agreements

1971: Convention on Wetlands of International Importance ("Ramsar Convention")

1972: Stockholm Declaration

1973: Convention on International Trade in Endangered species More..

Reducing the carbon footprint
  • With hot summers, warm winters, increasing diseases, famines and droughts, and violent acts of nature, we can see how climate change is affecting our daily lives. India, which aims More..

‘Beast from The East’ – the science behind Europe’s Siberian chill

The so-called “Beast from the East” has arrived in the UK, bringing unusually cold weather – about 7°C colder than the historical average for this time of year. Wind chill is mak More..

Vermin Animals
Vermin are pests or nuisance animals that spread diseases or destroy crops or livestock.

Disease-carrying rodents and insects are the usual case, but the term is also applied to larger animals—especially small predators—typically beca More..

Bonn Climate Change Conference

The 23rd meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP-23) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was held in November 2017 at Bonn in Germany.

Ecological Succession, Food Chain, Food Web, Ecological pyramids
Ecological Succession

Primary succession

Primary succession is one of two types of biological and ecological succession of pla More..

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