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Why in News?

  • Over last few days, the Prime Minister, President, Vice President and Law Minister have been stressing Fundamental Duties on various occasions.


Sustainable Development Goal – Gender Index and Equal Measures 2030
GS1: Role of women and women’s organization, population and associated issues

What is the issue?

Monsoon Deficit and Water Stress in India

GS1: Important Geophysical phenomena and changes in critical geographical features

Awareness in the fields of IT, Space - Station Explorer for X-ray Timing and Navigation Technology
NASA has invented a new type of autonomous space navigation that could see human-made spacecraft heading into the far reaches of the Solar System, and even farther – by using pulsars as guide stars. It’s called Station E More..

Urbanization, their problems and their remedies - Urban heat island
Every winter, the whole of north India is covered by dense fog. But a phenomenon called urban heat island is burning holes in this grey shroud over New Delhi and other cities on the Indo-Gangetic Plain, says a new study More..

Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times - Indian harvest festivals

Indian harvest festivals

The Harvest season is on and festivities have gripped the nation from the north to down south.


Topic: Role of women and women’s organization.

Topic: Role of women and women’s organization.

Topic: Role of women and women’s organization.
Topic: Role of women and women’s organization.

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